Hello all, and welcome to what will be the beginning of something that will never end. I'm just getting into the untapped art of using samples, chopping them up, and combining from different sources. It's fun, exciting, and oftentimes unsuccessful. My tool of choice is the Korg KP3. It's the real reason why I'm even doing this project. I'm staying comfy right now with granulation and bringing the kicks back in on the half-rest after the third beat. I'm really looking forward to breaking away from this. Until then, I'll be focusing on the whole. Just keep it raw and life will flow throughout. Start searching.


Alex "Alex Hochner" Hochner said...

Hey, great music, man! I'm liking how far ahead of the beat the snare is. It sort of pulls you into the rhythm like a receding wave.

Bean said...

You may be referring to how the song goes out of sync at some points, which is due in part by my amateur bpm-matching skills. The way I look at it, I'll correct my errors in the next song, a principle that allows me to move on and keep thinking with a fresh pair of ears. Just don't pay any attention to the same errors in Song 2.

- Bean

Alex "Alex Hochner" Hochner said...

I wouldn't say it was an error. It sounds pretty intentional, since the bass drum doesn't play ahead of the beat along with the snare. Even if it is an error, I don't think it's a bad one. That precise and exacting quality of most computerized drum loops is great, but it's always nice to hear something different done with them, like how the snare plays way ahead of the beat in this song.