Clark Was Right

In continuing my quest for audible fantasy, the soundtrack to Superman was something that kept coming back to me. Of the possible choices in the soundtrack, it was a tough call, but I eventually found something worthwhile in Lois Lane's love theme. This song marks my first attempt at creating my own beats to accompany the samples. I feel it's a bit too clean, especially on top of such a vintage classic. However, I like the juxtaposition of the two qualities. One's fragile and one's pristine and perfect. Just like Lois and Clark! ...It was worth a shot. Anyway, I like where I'm heading. It's on an unknown path that's created as I take each step. I have every reason to look back and even more reasons to keep moving forward. The search continues.

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Alex "Alex Hochner" Hochner said...

Your music has helped to inspire me to finally realize what it is that I want to do and where it is that I want to go with my drumming.

Keep up the inspiration!