Serenity Pier

I decided to finally fulfill any expectations for those who know me well enough and sample something from a videogame. This particular sample was once described to me as "the best intro to a trance song ever." Although I didn't take it in the trance direction, I did make use of its harmonious sections. This time around, I decided to let you hear the original sample I started with for each of the three I used, slowly chopping them down in realtime until the final piece is created somewhere close to the 2-minute mark. I also started getting into making the percussion sound more live and less digital. Take what you already have and make it into something new. Take what you don't have yet and make it something you always had. Keep everything. It may not be around next time.


Alex "Alex Hochner" Hochner said...

Some parts of it almost sound like a minimalist piece with hip-hop drums looped overtop. Like when the melody just repeats a 4-note phrase at places like at :31, :38, 1:36, and so on. I think the lack of any other instruments besides the sample also serve to make it sound like something by Steve Reich or even John Cage.

I like how the sample fades out at the end. It reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Nobukazu Takemura.

Good stuff.

Gigi said...

dearest bean.

i have just come back from new mexico. and while i was there i went to bandilier where an ancient native american tribe called the frijoles lived... and i thought of you... the end.

Bean said...

How interesting. Reminds me of one of my alter egos: The FreeHole. It's a name I go under when with a local rap group. Welcome back to EST!

- Bean

Paw said...

Layering is very important in these beats but what I see in your explorations only renders me wanting a bit more out of it. To clarify like butter, I would rather you not just have a drum loop in your song. I mean make a drum loop if you have to, just to get started. Try in your next piece to create a beat from just sounds of some kind. The drums should almost melt into the beat not stand out so sharply among the rest of the melody. This is why I think your layering is important; there were some very good things about the piece I favored like 1:02 transition. It’s a slow beat to say the least or its not uplifting but Nostalgic and some things are great considering your working with such a limited pallet here.

Good work man, mess up that mix a little more next time. Go crazy with it.