All Aboard

I accidentally found out that my hardware had an update from the manufacturer, adding a few nice tricks to the same button layout. This is my first attempt at playing around with them. Of note would be the ability to mute samples backwards, wherein the sample is only heard while its button is pressed. It sounds like it should have been available from the beginning, which is probably why they threw it in for the update. There's a few more tricks I've yet to touch, so I'm looking forward to feasting my ears on them. Till then, let it ride.


Paw said...

AHHHHHHH what are you doing?!

Dude, you have to coax it a little bit. You sort of started me with this beat already. You should have dropped it. We definitely have to get a turn table for you. The KossPaD is doing amazing things for you but it’s like eating a steak with a spoon in your situation. You don’t have the scratch table which would be amazing for you’re scrambling up your mixes and quickening them up. Everything in your beat is following a pattern which is making it loose its luster quickly. But these are all experiments and whatnot.

Gigi said...