Don't Leave Me Out

Yes, so this would be the first time I never layered samples on top of each other. I was just focusing on making the sample into something new. It was especially fun this time around, since I was trying to turn one time signature into another. That means 3-beats-per-measure were masked to fit into a 4-beats-per-measure scheme. I also played around with stuttering in post for the entire song. Works in some places. Distracts in others. Just like The News.


Alex "Alex Hochner" Hochner said...

I hope you mean 3/4 and not 3-beats-per-minute, or else the song would be mighty slow. Which song did you use as the sample? I couldn't find anything similar sounding on youtube.

Bean said...

Good call. I meant measure. Probably was tired then (and haven't changed that status yet, mind you). The song is called "If This Is It". The song may not exactly be 3/4, but it's all in triplets, which is enough for me to consider it so.