Boys and Girls

This time around, I tried my hand at using some extra technology to help out with some missing bass lines. I also discovered a reliable method for messing with stuttering effects, so I just kind of threw those in at the end. It's something I'd love to do full-scale in a later piece. For now, it'll just be an experiment (much like anything I do here). Keep taking those deep breaths, exhale just as much, and feel the power between each of those actions. It'll take you pretty far.


Robert J. Cooksey said...

The poet Paul Celan called those places between breaths "breathturns" and the words powered by breath, "breathcrystals"

Paw said...

Nice tricks, I love the cut outs in most songs. I consider those in particular to be my favorite. “End of Biters – Prefuse 73” had some of the most classic that I would love to see you see. I just want to see you experiment with tearing apart a song so it’s almost unrecognizable for the majority of it. This piece to me feels a little to bounce for my liking, almost like a walk in the park….I’m not sure, I mean your cutting and breaking the song apart at the end with your stuttering which is good but I’m dying to see something fast and upbeat from you, snappy if you will.