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Time to show some Philly love. Although in reading the Wikipedia entry about the original song, it appears to be an often-used theme song for many Action News programs across the East Coast. Go figure. Although, in Philly's defense, Channel 6 Action News was listed as the most popular usage of the theme, as well it should be. I'm not even talking about my mix at this point, which is fine by me. I need to make sure I give Action News the honor it deserves, created by decades of loyal service to the Tristate area and Delaware Valley.


Paw said...

Alright, this one gave me a sort of shutter. I haven’t heard this jingle in years and I almost wept a bit from the experience. Was very nice, although considering I’ve listened to all of your new mixes this evening that you’ve posted in the last couple of weeks. I’m noticing that you’re just laying your beat on top of your mixed up samples. You need to chop your samples to your liking then wet them a little to see if you can alter their impact. Like especially at 2:09!! You need to scratch that into something like the chorus part of that song. Don’t even have them sing just use their voice notes as octaves.
Looking at Jay Dil for a moment and you can pick up any song from the donuts album; you can clearly see his style of having the vocal drive his song. It’s like the crankshaft of his rhythm and then the beat carrying it along. The Diffr’ence would be a good example as well as Two can Win. All of those songs have a phrase or chorus altered severely or at least chopped up a bunch from its original core song.

Jay Dilla doesn’t even scratch in all of his mixes, they are just crafted well. I could give you examples but I believe he is just following a certain pattern that is working exquisitely and following his process could expedite your journey into getting others past the beat part and into musical serenity.


Bean said...

That got really deep at the end. Thanks for the words. I can only do so much with 4 sound banks and no scratching capabilities. I think it also comes down to what you choose to use as the sample. Some things will never be pleasing, no matter how they're presented, while some samples do all the work for you without even changing anything. "Donuts (Intro)" doesn't even layer anything on top of the original sample. Dilla simply added deeper kicks and snares and let the power of the sample drive the rest. They were the greatest final words I've ever heard. I'm trying something new with each mix, which is a goal of mine until the end. Small steps for now.

- Bean

Gigi said...

hahahhahahahahaha omg. hahahahhaa. action news. omg. this good. this is so funny. oh. goodness. i like the end